Monroeville's Music Machine

Stephen is a singer song writer from Omaha, Nebraska. He performs solo all around eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. His music comes  straight from the heart. Whether its a well known classic, a nugget from the great song writers or one of his own, it's an honest, passionate, fun, musical experience.

A shot of blues with a rock-n-roll chaser!


Shifting Sands 

Well my friends, this is a quick blurb to start a feature on the website. Times seem to be changing in my musical life. The gig phone has slowed down quite a bit and although I still am available and love to play, it's not going to take up my efforts as much as it did. As my brother said, the shingle is out and people know how to get hold of me so here I am, come and get it. I will be concentrating more on getting my musical creations recorded and available for other artists to partake of and look into licensing.

I have a bunch of great tunes I love to play and would love to hear someone else put their musical expertise to. Monroeville is still alive and kicking. Look for a new release in a month or so, Meet Me in Monroeville.

I'll say Ta Ta for now. Keep love in your hearts. Treat each other with extreme kindness.

Stephen Monroe