The Story

The guitar and I have had a great time together. I play solo these days but it wasn't always the case. In the beginning of this   journey, I was a string bean in Junior High when I got to hang with my 2 older brothers in their band THE SHADES. I went to practices, to gigs, I even got up on "Satisfaction" to play drums! That pretty much did me in.
I picked up my big brother Tom's bass guitar and turned on the Hi-Fi to learn the bass parts. I basically did that for the next 20 years. Brother David had left his guitar behind a year later. Then I started my 6 string journey in the back ground.
After playing out the bass player, lead singer in the band portion of my life, I tried to quit but that old acoustic I had been playing with my buddy  came out front. I had been writing songs from the beginning and eventually my bands had started playing some of them even recording a few. When I left that behind I started writing more introspectively and it all started in church. Next came a duo with my buddy, a duo/trio with a female friend from work. We wrote together too. Once that all fell apart, I figured I had a burn that was different than most other people and it was good enough for me to pursue this trail alone.That's when Stephen Monroe emerged. Here I am, pursuing my passion, playing for folks and still having the time of my life! I respect the audience and I ALWAYS want to  do my best every time and bring a unique experience. There are a lot of great players out there and I just want a seat on the bus.
Peace and Love and Happiness to you all. Hope to hear from you, Take good care of each other.